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About Us

Sometimes we deserve something special for our tables. It could be an exotic flavour from places far away. Maybe you feel like a culinary trip to the other side of the world? Perhaps you feel like reminiscing in the taste of home. Our Nottingham-based store features a vast collection of popular foods and drinks from Portugal, Brazil, Eastern Europe, and beyond – now delivered right to your doorstep!

Our Mission

We understand the need for something different and also a bit of nostalgia. These foodstuffs and beverages are not always easy to come by - however, our mission is to make them accessible to everyone. Our online store is a resource for anyone looking for worldly products to spice up their meals, have a unique snack, or a tasty drink. A couple clicks, and we’ll send that right to you - no need to visit our shop.

Our Vision

We have curated exciting and homey products from Europe and South America for many years. Now we are taking our expertise and stock online. Our vision is to be the essential resource in foods and drink from around the world, delivering it without the hassle of organizing a store visit. Trust us to keep your products in constant supply!

Our Values

Convenience, connection, and abundance are the three values we hold in high regard.

We want all products uncommon in Nottingham to be easily accessible for your convenience. Our shop connects to these global products - and we make sure there is an abundance of them in stock. Never worry about missing out on these fantastic foods and beverages again.